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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

A Blood Bowl Primer

Announcing I am getting into a new game, I took it as a given that people would know the game in question.

Blood Bowl is Games Workshop's game of fantasy football. Kind of like the football you know (wherever you're from) but played with orcs, minotaurs, elves, and so on.

The game is fast and fun. It's one of those simple to pick up games that nevertheless contains some strategic depth. Once you know what you're doing, a game should last around 1 hour.

You don't need much to play, just your miniatures, and someone with a game board. You can never have more than 16 players on your team roster, so it's not difficult to gather what you will need to play.

League play is the real draw of the game, where teams and players progress over games, becoming better at playing the game, and also weighed down with old playing injuries if you're unlucky.

The third Sunday of March is when the Blood Bowl season will be starting for me. The initial teams look like being orcs, orcs, dark elves, and humans. Since most of us have a spare team or two (four in my case) there will be plenty of room for others to join in.

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